Friday, September 27, 2019

Patch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Patch - Essay Example pete their products and prices, which relatively benefit consumers in the way that they will be able to find everything online with lowest price as they mention in their mission. Excluding all other matters, the huge number of customers proves it all about Amazon’s excellent prices and products. Currently, people not only see Amazon as a platform for e-commerce, but also as a famous company for its own products. Amazon recently released many products such as Kindle Fire, TV Fire, and Fire Phones, which took the sale of e-books, e-music and e-movies to another level. It has contributed many benefits to the content creators and consumers. Content creators are happy when they are able to directly publish their products through Amazon with lower cost, while consumers are satisfied with the huge number of e-books with cheaper prices compared to physical ones. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is quite an outstanding service. Amazon claims to help third-party sellers â€Å"to pick, pack, ship and provide customer services.† Consequently, such sellers only need to provide their products. With FBA program, Amazon uses robots to reduce the need of workers, and boost the efficiency of selling. However, while focusing on new technology Amazon fail on providing safe work environment to its employees who are their important stakeholders. The current U.S Supreme Court about Amazon warehouse working condition clearly illuminates this weakness. According to Bloomberg Reports, there have been more than dozen cases filed against Amazon since 2010. Although, the company can manage to get high profit, they still have some problem in communicating with the employees. After doing some research and analyzing the business, it became apparent that Amazon is doing well by successfully putting people together in a joint performance to achieve a common goal. However, we still maintain that the company also has some downsides. Its excellent prices and services are not the only measurement to

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