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El Filibusterismo Essay

Background: After the fate of the Noli was sealed by the Spanish authorities, prompted Rizal to write the continuation of his first novel. He confessed, however, that regretted very much having killed Elias instead of Ibarra, reasoning that when he published the Noli his health was very much broken, and was very unsure of being able to write the continuation and speak of a revolution. Consequently, as expected of a determined character, Rizal apparently went in writing, for to his friend, Blumentritt, he wrote on March 29, 1891: â€Å"I have finished my book. To a Filipino friend in Hong Kong, Jose Basa, Rizal likewise eagerly announced the completion of his second novel. Having moved to Ghent to have the book published at cheaper cost. Inevitably, Rizal’s next letter to Basa contained the tragic news of the suspension of the printing of the sequel to his first novel due to lack of funds, forcing him to stop and leave the book half-way. Fortunately, Rizal was not to remain in despair for long. A compatriot, Valentin Ventura, learned of Rizal’s predicament. He offered him financial assistance. Even then Rizal was forced to shorten the novel quite drastically, leaving only thirty-eight chapters compared to the sixty-four chapters of the first novel. Title: Rizal had to define the word filibustero to his German friend Ferdinand Blumentritt, who did not understand his use of the word in Noli Me Tangere. In a letter, Rizal explained: â€Å"The word filibustero is little known in the Philippines. The masses do not know it yet. I heard it for the first time in 1872 when the tragic executions (of the Gomburza) took place. I still remember the panic that this word created. Our father forbade us to utter  it, as well as the words Cavite, Jose Burgos (one of the executed priests), etc. The Manila newspapers and the Spaniards apply this word to one whom they want to make a revolutionary suspect. The Filipinos belonging to the educated class fear the reach of the word. It does not have the meaning of freebooters; it rather means a dangerous patriot who will soon be hanged or well, a presumptuous man.† By the end of the nineteenth century, the word filibustero had acquired the meaning â€Å"subversive†. The Ending There are a variety of reasons for why the plans for a revolution (in the book) are not carried through as originally intended, but certainly Rizal’s own message (as also expressed by characters in the book) is that violence is not the preferred solution, and that, while change is necessary, it should come about peacefully and sensibly. Major Characters: Simoun – Crisà ³stomo Ibarra reincarnated as a wealthy jeweler, bent on starting a revolution Basilio  Sisa’s son, now an aspiring doctor  Isagani  poet and Basilio’s best friend; portrayed as emotional and reactive Kabesang Tales – Telesforo Juan de Dios, a former cabeza de barangay (barangay head) who resurfaced as the feared Luzà ³n bandit Matanglawin Paulita Gomez  the girlfriend of Isagani and the niece of Doà ±a Victorina, In the end, she and Juanito Pelà ¡ez are wed, and she dumps Isagani, believing that she will have no future if she marries him Father Florentino  Isagani’s godfather, and a secular priest; was engaged to be married, but chose the priesthood instead Don Custudio  a famous journalist who was asked by the students about his decision for the Academia de Castellano. In reality, he is quite an ordinary fellow who married a rich woman in order to be a member of Manila’s high society Ben Zayb Abraham Ibaà ±ez is his real name. He is a journalist who thinks he is the only one thinking in the Philippines

Criminology In The Future Essay

This world is constantly changing every day. When the world changes, the people change, and new technology populates, and so does the crime rates. Criminals will try to create new ways to commit crimes. The criminal justice system should pay close attention to these new technologies to keep the people safe. Law officials have to follow the law while using these technologies. Future advancement will allow criminology to determine civil liberty and ethical violations, as technology as and will become more of a vital element for law industry. Technology has always been a reliable source to law officials. Technology has included several tools such as: computers, cameras, maps, DNA systems, and many more that have benefited to law enforcements. New technology will not only solve cases current or conclude why a person murdered a relative of six, but also solve cold cases and also provide a more in-depth look at the causes of people committing murder and how their brains operate. Robots are being used continuously to help law enforcement prevent crimes. Robots are trained machines that operate faster than a human. The thoughts and practices in criminology will further expand as different crime-fighting methodologies and the directions of crime fighting provide different methods of finding criminal activities. New technologies have provided criminals with a whole new class of crimes and have also made it extremely difficult for them to get caught. The problem is with new high-tech crime is that criminals are already ahead of law officials. It fair to the people to know what kind of new technologies will be used in fighting against crimes. Law enforcement should have a more close relationship to their people since these new technologies are keeping them safe. Law enforcements across the globe are developing ways to use more new technology to fight crime. The idea of using these new technologies will  ensure that law enforcers are meeting the demands of fighting crimes. In the future to come, the crime rate should demonstrate a huge difference if these technologies are benefiting law enforcemen t. GPS monitors are becoming an everyday use for law enforcements because it displays how to get the exact location. Law enforcement are now required to use body cameras. Body cameras will display up close actions made by law enforcers and the criminal. If these new technologies do not benefit then the result will be that law enforcement failed to do their job. The government can only provide so much money to aid to law enforcement. These new technologies are very expensive and should be properly used. Law enforcers will not have to put in as much work to investigate crimes. They will not have to stress about having a heavy workload with the existence of these new advancements. Crimes will be solved much faster because of the speed of these new advancement. It is a good idea that more new technologies are becoming popular because people will no longer have to stress about these criminals. With these new technologies existing, law enforcers are figuring out how to outsmart these criminals. Law enforcers will have the chance to probably gain a better relationship with the people living the communities. It would not be beneficial to only rely on technology because the people are also important to prevent crimes. Crime is a product of human behavior and criminals will commit crimes in various categories. Many states have merged agencies and have become more efficient in the way of service, but many more are slow to realize the benefits of merging when it comes to fighting globalized crimes. With the help of the people, and the new advancement in this world the crime rate should drop tremendously. The new advancement should be tested and train to use accurately. Technology is making possible better surveillance and monitoring, as well as more comprehensive and accessible databases, which raise concerns about information security and privacy. Although, no one knows for sure how long the crime rate will remain low, but creating more advancement should solve the problem. Criminals will no longer be able to get away with murder, stealing, or doing anything that is considered a crime. To promote police accountability and to provide more objective evidence of law-breaking, it is necessary that the computers and databases should be accurately setup. These technology specific goals, if coupled with attention to the obstacles and challenges inherent in organizational  technology adoption, could lead to more effective use of technology by law enforcement organizations nationwide which has the potential to contribute significantly to public safety, long-run cost reduction, and justice. If criminals are caught and punished due to these new technologies then law enforcers should feel ecstatic about their new improvement to the criminal justice system.

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Howard Zinn and the Us Constitution

The late Howard Zinn is a much respected historian. His views are known to be bold and nonetheless controversial. In his book, â€Å"A People’s History of the United States,† Zinn touches on topics such as indentured servants, angry civilians, and the United States Constitution. Indentured servants were people of a lower economic class who worked for people of a higher economic background. These servants worked for a given amount of time, usually between five and seven years and either worked for money, food, shelter, or freedom.Indentured servants were originally made up of mostly young white males who were trading their time in prison or their poverty for time working as a servant. The number of indentured servants began to decrease and soon after English colonists looked for other potential people to enslave. The Virginia colony needed labor. They needed to grow corn for subsistence, and needed to grow tobacco for export because they had just learned to grow tobacco. Virginia couldn’t make the Indians work for them like Christopher Columbus had done in the past. The colonists would be outnumbered if they decided to try to take over the Indians even though they were equipped with firearms. The Indians were resourceful, defiant, tough, and practically fearless. The colony needed an alternate choice. African slaves were the answer to Virginia’s labor problem. Blacks had already been imported as slaves to South America and the Caribbean to Spanish and Portuguese colonies.The blacks made enslavement easier because of how hopeless they were. They were robbed of their homeland and culture and in most cases they were separated from their families. Zinn referred to the slavery against the blacks to be the cruelest form of slavery in history. The British were taxing the colonial population to pay for the French war. Many colonists did not agree with the Stamp Act and wanted it repealed.That summer, Ebenezer Macintosh, a shoemaker, led a mob in destroying the house of a rich Boston merchants like Andrew Oliver and Thomas Hutchinson. Rioters smashed up their houses with axes, drank all the wine in the cellars, and looted the houses of the furniture and other objects. English officers reported these acts to be a part of a larger scheme in which the houses of 15 rich people were to be destroyed. The riots against the Stamp Act swept Boston in 1767.It took the Stamp Act crisis to make the leadership aware of its dilemma. After the riots a town meeting was arranged and mainly upper and middle class citizens were allowed to attend. Zinn argues the Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, may have had ulterior economic and class preservation motivations that were hidden by the universal language of the constitution document.Zinn also argues that the rich, in order to secure their own interests and economic status, must either control the government directly or control the laws by which government operates. Zinn often refers to the views and writings of historian Charles Beard. Beard studied the economic backgrounds and political ideas of the fifty-five men who gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 to draw up the constitution. In his findings a majority of them were lawyers by profession, most of them were wealthy due to land, slaves, manufacturing, or shipping.Half of them had money loaned out at interest, and that forty out of fifty held government bonds according to the records of the treasury department. Beard also found that most of the makers of the constitution had some direct economic interest in establishing a strong federal government. Beard did not think the constitution as written to benefit the Founding Fathers personally. The problem of democracy in the post- revolutionary society was not however the constitutional limitations on voting.It lay much deeper beyond the constitution in the division of societ y into rich and poor. The constitution then illustrates the complexity of the American system: that it serves the interests of wealthy elite, but also does enough for small owners, for middle-income farmers and mechanics to build a broad base of support. Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury and one of the Founding Fathers, believed that the government must ally itself with the richest elements of society to make itself strong.

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Finance questions Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Finance questions - Speech or Presentation Example ou have deposited $10,000 at your local savings and loan and have been offered an annual interest rate of 3% and the option of annual, semi-annual, or quarterly compounding. Which one will you choose and what is the dollar difference between the three options? 6. Your athletic department needs to purchase three passenger vans in three years. They project the cost at that time to be $120,000. Currently you have $98,000 set aside for the vans. What return on your money must you receive to be able to purchase the vans in three years? 7. To entice a new coaching hire, you have promised her that you would deposit $10,000 each year for the next thirty years in a retirement account that will pay 6% interest. How much will be waiting for the coach at the end of thirty years? 8. You have decided to build a new strength and conditioning center. The total cost of the project is $4 million. You have $1.5 million and will be borrowing the balance for ten years at 6% interest. What are your MONTHLY payments? 9. A prominent athletic booster has promised you a $500,000 gift in five years. You were informed by your local bank that they would be willing to give you that $500,000, discounted at 8% today. How much will they give

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History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 24

History - Essay Example According to historical facts, Punic word is derived from Latin word that is mentioned as â€Å"Punicus†. The meaning of Punicus is described as Carthaginian in the literature and dictionaries. Accordingly, Carthaginian is also linked with empire that was liked by majority of public in the social order. In the same way, the reasons of Punic wars are mentioned as complex of people about Carthaginian Empire and roman republic realm. So, Carthaginian is an imperative term that is linked with Punic wars and a researcher should understand this terminology to realize the scenario and causes of Punic wars. A major cause of this series is mentioned as trouble between two empires. In the meanwhile, Rome and Carthage were treated with each other in many financing and economical programs. These both empires were also related against territory of Pyrrhus. In the same way, Carthage rulers were also in the position to take the control of naval power in the western Mediterranean. This scenario was not acceptable for Roman Empire. In the same way, Carthage were struggling to take the control of all areas which was mentioned along various cities like Island, Sardinia, Corsica and limited spots of south Spain. This battle was also linked with the control of some Sicily cities that were beneficial for any empire to gain its development targets. After this condition, Roman rulers were also interested to take control of Sicily cities and this complex was the major reason of first Punic War. Accordingly, Roman rulers tried to take control of those cities and they were trying to increase their milita ry strength for achievement of their specific targets in the Punic war. The same scenario was also related with Carthage rulers as they were interested to defeat Roman Empire by taking effective steps and they took. For instance, Carthaginians sent a huge force along with elephants and other relevant military material for certainty success and they achieved their goals. Through this

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Analysis of the integrated marketing communications mix strategies of Essay

Analysis of the integrated marketing communications mix strategies of your chosen smartphone brand - Essay Example With the help of analysis it is noted that Apple Inc. delivered attractive and best quality product designed for a finest price. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) mix is a process, designed for managing the consumer relationships that drive product value. More exclusively, it is defined as cross functional practice for generating and nourishing beneficial relationship with the customers and stakeholders (Koekemoer, 2004). Now the environment of marketing communication is changing: mass markets have been fragmented, thereby, causing marketers to move from mass selling to segment marketing; and shifting from mass media towards focused media. Integrated marketing communication activities entail a forward flow of communications. Producers communicate to the wholesaler, the retailer, and the end consumer. Resellers correspond to customers. Backward communication flow also exists but is crucial to understand markets and customers (Anderson and Vincze, 2006). The main aim of this report is to analyse the integrated marketing communication mix strategies of Apple Inc. The main elements of communication procedure are the sender, encoding message, receiver, medium, decoding, and feedback. A clear understanding of all these elements helps to design an effective communication programs (Jacobson, 1999). Sender: Sender is a person who starts the communication process by thinking about the idea to have a conversation with the receiver. During the communication, the body language, vocabulary and the voice tone of the speaker influence how the receiver accepts the message (Jacobson, 1999). Encoding: It is an act of creating an idea reachable to the entire mass. Before the message or an idea could be conveyed to receiver or the people, the sender requires encoding the message in a suitable code (Cleary, 2004). Medium: Once the idea of sender are translated or encoded, they are conveyed in the structure of message. Messages could

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Qatar's CO2 Emissions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Qatar's CO2 Emissions - Research Paper Example Considering the global drive to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, Qatar has begun taking initiatives to keep its share of the global carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in check. The urgency to introduce measures to reduce its carbon footprint came to global notice after the UNDP Human Development Report of 2007 identified it as being the highest contributor to global carbon emissions with per capita CO2 emissions being 79.3 tones/capita (â€Å"Combating Qatars CO2 emissions, Carbon World 2009 addresses reduction†). Carbon dioxide and other GHGs such as sulphur dioxide, methane and nitrogen oxides liberated upon burning fossil fuels have massive negative effects on the environment. These gases upon accumulation over the earth cause climatic changes due to global warming, which in turn affect other ecological features of the planet. CO2 and GHGs allow the sun’s heat to reach the earth’s surface; however, they do not allow the infrared light or heat emitted by the earth’s surface from leaving (Williams 6). This process results in the accumulation of heat on earth, much like what happens in a greenhouse. The trapping of heat results in global warming which in turn causes massive alterations in global climates. These climatic changes affect forests, vegetation, agriculture, and rainfall, apart from causing a rise in sea level by melting the polar ice sheets (ReVelle and ReVelle 376). Such changes adversely affect all life forms on earth. However, as Williams points out, the process that is actually occurring is more complex than greenhouse effect and global warming (6). He reasons that the earth is not a perfect sphere and has irregular features on its surface such as mountain ranges, forests, oceans, polar ice caps, etc. Not two regions display the same response to excess CO2  ­and GHGs in the environment. Therefore, as Williams argues, â€Å"future climate change is regional, not

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English Composition Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

English Composition - Coursework Example On the other, human memory differs from computer memory. The computer memory requires hardware and software in order for information processing to take place. Human memory does not require any hardware or software. The computer memory stores information in a hard disk which can be affected by virus and have all information corrupted. The human brain is not affected, and it is difficulty to have the information stored in the human brain erased (Ullman, 2003). From the ideas generated from different texts and construction of outlines, it is simple to write a standard thesis. I will utilise the use of different information from different authors to come up with constructive ideas about the problem of study (Gundersheimer, 2011). I will also use the texts to contract a literature review which will help readers to understand other author’s ideas about the problem or study. From the material research, I will emerge with a conclusion of the thesis (Turkle,

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UNDECIDED Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

UNDECIDED - Assignment Example The democracy was purely managed by the majority but not be the few individuals. Moreover, rotating of the public offices ought to undermine individuals virtues thus no person is held back by poverty so long as they offer good service to the city. The city is free and generous to the public activities of the citizens and corresponding daily lives (Thucydides 2.37, pgs. 40-41). He asserts the management of the city is different from neighboring cities in regard to the preparation of war, and this makes it open to all individuals and does not expel strangers in order to prevent them from learning in the city. Moreover, the city does not depend on the secret preparation and deceit but the courage of action. It is is because the enemy usually trains hard from the youthful age, but they live relax life, and they still experience great dangers as the enemy (Thucydides 1.77, pg 41). Pericles asserts that seeking council is the best option prior to undertaking any action with the enemy. It is because they are extremely different from their enemy since they take council in matters of virtue. Moreover, they win the trust of friends via offering favors at the expense of accepting a favor. Friendship of an individual is paid by good deed and considered dull and flat since it does not entail

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Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Business Plan - Essay Example Stern measures have to be taken by the tour operators as far as safety and health assessments are concerned as Controls are not rigorous. This would help to safeguard the agency also against any litigation. Assessments of health and safety should be carried out throughout the tour (Daily Mail, 2006). While tour operators have to rely on the guarantees provided by the hotel authorities, BE should ensure that its terms and conditions of joining the tour are well laid out while setting up the business as tour operators could be subject to civil liability (AHS, 2007). While WTO predicts international travel will grow annually at the rate of 4.1% up to 2020 but various factors pose a risk to tourism. These include economic stability, world terrorism, and global climate changes. The UK travel sector is just recovering from the recent airport chaos and the threat of terrorist attack. Fear of terrorism affects global travel demand and the targets set by BE is a very optimistic figure. Tourism is a very sensitive sector and destination factor is very important. BE intends to focus on the affluent class and predominantly on adventure tourism. The company has not attained any experience in this segment and it would be advisable to have another sector and segment to fall back upon initially till it gets established. The number of holidays on offer should be limited to start with. Security situation puts holiday firms in a difficult situation (Reuters, 2007). Lessons can be learnt from the giants in the industry who have been able bring a turnaround despite the effects of football World Cup, avian flu, terror threats and the hot summer in UK (Mall, 2007). This has required a dual measure of huge investments and cost-cutting in various areas. BE plans to build brand awareness in the first year but would have to consider the consolidation taking place in the UK travel market as big firms are merging. This definitely means less competition but there is an oversupply of