Friday, August 23, 2019

Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Business Plan - Essay Example Stern measures have to be taken by the tour operators as far as safety and health assessments are concerned as Controls are not rigorous. This would help to safeguard the agency also against any litigation. Assessments of health and safety should be carried out throughout the tour (Daily Mail, 2006). While tour operators have to rely on the guarantees provided by the hotel authorities, BE should ensure that its terms and conditions of joining the tour are well laid out while setting up the business as tour operators could be subject to civil liability (AHS, 2007). While WTO predicts international travel will grow annually at the rate of 4.1% up to 2020 but various factors pose a risk to tourism. These include economic stability, world terrorism, and global climate changes. The UK travel sector is just recovering from the recent airport chaos and the threat of terrorist attack. Fear of terrorism affects global travel demand and the targets set by BE is a very optimistic figure. Tourism is a very sensitive sector and destination factor is very important. BE intends to focus on the affluent class and predominantly on adventure tourism. The company has not attained any experience in this segment and it would be advisable to have another sector and segment to fall back upon initially till it gets established. The number of holidays on offer should be limited to start with. Security situation puts holiday firms in a difficult situation (Reuters, 2007). Lessons can be learnt from the giants in the industry who have been able bring a turnaround despite the effects of football World Cup, avian flu, terror threats and the hot summer in UK (Mall, 2007). This has required a dual measure of huge investments and cost-cutting in various areas. BE plans to build brand awareness in the first year but would have to consider the consolidation taking place in the UK travel market as big firms are merging. This definitely means less competition but there is an oversupply of

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