Saturday, August 24, 2019

UNDECIDED Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

UNDECIDED - Assignment Example The democracy was purely managed by the majority but not be the few individuals. Moreover, rotating of the public offices ought to undermine individuals virtues thus no person is held back by poverty so long as they offer good service to the city. The city is free and generous to the public activities of the citizens and corresponding daily lives (Thucydides 2.37, pgs. 40-41). He asserts the management of the city is different from neighboring cities in regard to the preparation of war, and this makes it open to all individuals and does not expel strangers in order to prevent them from learning in the city. Moreover, the city does not depend on the secret preparation and deceit but the courage of action. It is is because the enemy usually trains hard from the youthful age, but they live relax life, and they still experience great dangers as the enemy (Thucydides 1.77, pg 41). Pericles asserts that seeking council is the best option prior to undertaking any action with the enemy. It is because they are extremely different from their enemy since they take council in matters of virtue. Moreover, they win the trust of friends via offering favors at the expense of accepting a favor. Friendship of an individual is paid by good deed and considered dull and flat since it does not entail

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