Thursday, August 29, 2019

Finance questions Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Finance questions - Speech or Presentation Example ou have deposited $10,000 at your local savings and loan and have been offered an annual interest rate of 3% and the option of annual, semi-annual, or quarterly compounding. Which one will you choose and what is the dollar difference between the three options? 6. Your athletic department needs to purchase three passenger vans in three years. They project the cost at that time to be $120,000. Currently you have $98,000 set aside for the vans. What return on your money must you receive to be able to purchase the vans in three years? 7. To entice a new coaching hire, you have promised her that you would deposit $10,000 each year for the next thirty years in a retirement account that will pay 6% interest. How much will be waiting for the coach at the end of thirty years? 8. You have decided to build a new strength and conditioning center. The total cost of the project is $4 million. You have $1.5 million and will be borrowing the balance for ten years at 6% interest. What are your MONTHLY payments? 9. A prominent athletic booster has promised you a $500,000 gift in five years. You were informed by your local bank that they would be willing to give you that $500,000, discounted at 8% today. How much will they give

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