Wednesday, August 28, 2019

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 24

History - Essay Example According to historical facts, Punic word is derived from Latin word that is mentioned as â€Å"Punicus†. The meaning of Punicus is described as Carthaginian in the literature and dictionaries. Accordingly, Carthaginian is also linked with empire that was liked by majority of public in the social order. In the same way, the reasons of Punic wars are mentioned as complex of people about Carthaginian Empire and roman republic realm. So, Carthaginian is an imperative term that is linked with Punic wars and a researcher should understand this terminology to realize the scenario and causes of Punic wars. A major cause of this series is mentioned as trouble between two empires. In the meanwhile, Rome and Carthage were treated with each other in many financing and economical programs. These both empires were also related against territory of Pyrrhus. In the same way, Carthage rulers were also in the position to take the control of naval power in the western Mediterranean. This scenario was not acceptable for Roman Empire. In the same way, Carthage were struggling to take the control of all areas which was mentioned along various cities like Island, Sardinia, Corsica and limited spots of south Spain. This battle was also linked with the control of some Sicily cities that were beneficial for any empire to gain its development targets. After this condition, Roman rulers were also interested to take control of Sicily cities and this complex was the major reason of first Punic War. Accordingly, Roman rulers tried to take control of those cities and they were trying to increase their milita ry strength for achievement of their specific targets in the Punic war. The same scenario was also related with Carthage rulers as they were interested to defeat Roman Empire by taking effective steps and they took. For instance, Carthaginians sent a huge force along with elephants and other relevant military material for certainty success and they achieved their goals. Through this

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