Thursday, September 26, 2019

Innovating Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Innovating - Essay Example The broad nature of ideas in the definitions of innovation and skills, the hardship in the ability to relate innovative outputs and outcome with human capital, and the limitation in the availability of innovation-specific information have made it difficult task for firms to accurately come up with innovative means of operations in order to maximize their potential in performance. This study aims at exploring the link that exists between the desired innovations and skills necessary for the management of an enterprise (Acharya, 2012). In both managerial and individual levels, one needs to acquire and develop certain skill in order to become efficient in the smooth running of his/her business operations. Some of these basic skills include; academic skills, reading and writing, generic skills in problem solving, multicultural openness, technical skills, and leadership skills. These are some of the skills one will need to add in his/her portfolio as a manager and an individual. Skill assessment exercise helps one measure his level of skills and realize the need to add more skills necessary for effective management (Acharya, 2012). In creativity design, the managers will also be required to acquire the managerial and entrepreneurship skills in order to be able to foresee future opportunities and threats in their managerial operations. Individuals need to acquire the skills that will enable them to; learn from their work place the new ideas and opportunities that can be explored at an individual level for their development of skills and knowledge (Aghion, 2013). The required set of skills in an organization is determined by certain factors such as the type of innovation and industry structure, as well as the stage of the innovation. Some of the problems foreseen in group exercise are on how the group will be able to draw different skill mixes in different times to come up with

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