Saturday, September 7, 2019

Li Ning Company Limited Organizational Background and Audit Assignment

Li Ning Company Limited Organizational Background and Audit - Assignment Example Li Ning has its headquarters in Beijing, the Chinese capital. According to its website, Li Ning has extensive presence in the entire country. It has reportedly a reliable network of retailers and manufacturers for its supply chain, and a host of franchise owners distributing the products. Li Ning, therefore, is well-entrenched throughout the country, and has probably perfected the art of marketing and selling which have made the company successful in all its current businesses. The company started operations in 1989, the same year LI-NING was registered as a trademark. Since then, it has sponsored numerous sports delegations of China to various national and international events, where the sponsored teams brandished their Li Ning sportswear. In 1993, the company started franchising its business operations, a strategic move that helped it reach its target market in distant areas and remote provinces, thereby helping the company established its foothold in the country’s huge market for footwear and sports-related products. Li Ning is a multi-faceted business operation that is pro-active and a leader in the industry. It has its own research and development center, and a design center established in 1998. It is a proud company to claim that it is the first sports business in China to have implemented an Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) system, a system which uses internet technology that integrates its supply chain with its internal operations.

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