Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Malcome X Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Malcome X - Essay Example For instance, Malcolm family was harassed a number of times by the ‘Ku Klux Klan’ group. The harassment made the family to move to Michigan. Nevertheless, the situation worsened when their house was set on blaze while the Whites watched the fire consume the entire house. The police force also watched as the house burnt down. In a few years, after the fire incidence, Malcolm’s father was found dead along the streets. Despite Little receiving threats of death from the White racists, the police force dismissed the claims of threats citing that Malcolm’s father committed a suicide. Malcolm’s mother suffered a shock as a result of Little’s demise. She was placed in a mental institution where she succumbed to death. These circumstances were experienced by Malcolm, whose father was a local activist. While in school, Malcolm claims that his schoolmates treated him like a pet as opposed to a human person. However, Malcolm was reported to be a diligent student in class, an aspect that saw him elected the class leader. Perhaps his life experiences led to his courageous stance while advocating the rights of blacks. Malcolm’s opponents accused him of propagating racism and violence. However, he remains amongst the most influential blacks in the US. Being a gifted and influential orator, a majority of his quotes are still honored by a large number of his followers, as well as the lovers of freedom, equality and justice among various races. In one sense, we were huddled in there, bonded together in seeking security, warmth and comfort from each other, and we didn’t know it. All of us, who might have probed space, cured cancer, or built industries, were, instead, black victims of the White’s social system (Malcolm 1). This is an emotional Malcolm’s quote that was recorded while giving a speech. The author specifically speaks about the ‘Harlem’ club. The author refers to the night club as a place that sees a multitude people of the same suffering, especially racism; they gather for a consolation and experiencing good time. The author refers to the crowd as a network of families. The night club is majorly perceived as a private place where the victims of racism find a rest. Malcolm saw a difference between the night club and the external racism among the whites. Generally, individuals that frequent the club are perceived as the victims of racism. These individuals understand the reality of capitalism, and are ready to tolerate the life of the ghetto. As a result, the night club has turned out to be a place where the blacks experience comfort. Although a large number of the blacks frequent the night club, a few of them understand the relationship between their survival and the network. Despite the regulars being belligerent and hustlers outside the club, they feel secure and comfortable while in the club. In addition, the quote reflects on the lost opportunities by the African-American masses. Malcolm refers to blacks as a society that is characterized by a hustling life. There are a number of competent blacks that would have begun successful businesses, but have perished in poverty due to lack of capital and opportunities. There are a good number of African-Americans that have

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