Sunday, September 8, 2019

Ads Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ads - Essay Example The essay will dwell on the two aspects and will draw a conclusion based on the rating of the advertisement. The advert focuses on conformability to its customers while delivering services. The message being relayed by the advertisement is better service delivery. Legroom aspect in the advert is aimed at outlining the unique services the airline is aimed at providing. Comfort is what the company distinct itself from other competitor. The message is to create a loyal customer base and its conformability aspect is aimed at customers of higher end in the economy. The target group as per the advertisement is high profile personnel and other prominent individuals. The promotional aspect of the marketers involved in the design has succeeded in their target market providing the customers with services unique top what they are accustomed to. It has also succeeded in ensuring that it maintains the high quality and standards throughout the advertisement. Reading the customer tends is important while designing messaged to be portrayed in an advert. The market has a changing trend and hence messages b eing delivered by marketers should cover the matters at hand. Upon achieving the market share the messages needs to be adjusted to ensure the customers are maintained (Belch& Belch, 2014). The advert portrays an effort by delta to maintain its customers as little is done to describe the product being thus implying a prior knowledge by the customer. The other aspect in the advert is the visual support; the aspect works well in ensuring the customer gets a feeling of what the message is all about. The female on the seams relaxed and portrays the spacious aspect the message is advocating for. A message must be accompanied by visual or video aid to give it more appealing outlook. The two also reduces the changes of customers misinterpreting the meaning of the message. For instance the message in the advert states that ‘legroom isn’t just for exit

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