Monday, September 9, 2019

Kao Corporation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Kao Corporation - Case Study Example The older women consider the ease of use of diapers as a means of escape for the young mothers from working hard for their children (Kao Corporation 4). They consider the use of old clothes worn by the mothers as cloth diapers as a method of bonding between the mothers and the babies (Kao Corporation 3). This is especially true of the rural areas where, due to the joint family system, the older generation of women are actively involved in decision making concerning the younger couples (Kao Corporation 4). The fathers, on the other hand, are not involved with baby care as much as the ladies (Kao Corporation 4). Most of the diaper use is limited to the big metropolitan areas of Japan, like Tokyo (Kao Corporation 4); however, even in such markets, only fifteen percent of the potential households use disposable diapers (Kao Corporation 4). Other reasons of decreased use include the low quality of the diapers which can cause rash, high prices, cumbersome packaging requiring a lot of stora ge space, and diaper misfits with regard to baby size (Kao Corporation 5). When P & G launched their diaper brand, Pampers, in Japan in 1977, they faced several challenges and problems in marketing and sales, although still securing the majority of the market shares for diapers (Kao Corporation 1). The initial product quality of the Pampers was low, as they leaked and were not absorbent enough (Kao Corporation 5). This resulted in skin rash to the babies (Kao Corporation 5). Another reason for leaking was the inappropriate size of the diapers as compared to baby size, the size of the Pampers being often larger than was suitable, so that it was unable to fit, and so leaked (Kao

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