Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Software Requirement Specification Case Study

The Software Requirement Specification - Case Study Example Creation of Invoice: - The Salesman creates a Sales Invoice after every purchase. The invoice summarizes the booked room, including full customer information, and information of the booked room. The invoice may contain details of the Options selected by the customer or no options. The Options have a code. The customer choices are being put on the invoice after the Salesman fills the digital form with the code of the selected option. No selection of Code means no option has been chosen by the Customer. Creation of Customer ID: - If the customer books room in Charlton Lodge for the first time, his details are being recorded for future use for promoting sales. The customer is given an ID and so that the same can be used for data storage and retrieval. It's the Salesman who has interacted with the Customer will to fill in all details. Creation of list of Options with each option being given a Code: - The Charlton Lodge provides lots of options to its Customers and these can be identified through the list of features and Option Code. Each Option has been pre stored in the database. The Option contains the details of features associated and the related Option Code. The Operator of the system has to store the list along with its code. Activity diagrams contain activities, transitions between the activities, decision points, and synchronization bars. The activity diagram in this case shows the different phases of creation of the invoice which is actually the most dynamic work in the whole list of system functions. System begins login process. The access right is verified and depending on the result of this decision making process, the system moves on. If verification process gives positive result, room

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