Friday, October 18, 2019

Crime-Prevention Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Crime-Prevention Strategies - Essay Example Crime prevention techniques are being introduced by the criminologists so that the people avoid doing any crimes. These crime prevention techniques are basically designed to lessen the prospects of committing specific crimes by people. And these techniques are further known as the Situational Crime Prevention Techniques. In the world today the crime rate is increasing day by day as the punishments granted by the government have not proved enough for the culprit to avoid the offense the next time. Seeing this situation in the world the criminologists have adopted the way of preventing crime rather than bringing the criminals to justice. And thus the process of 'Situational Crime Prevention' came into use. This word derived by the criminologists meant to make the offenders avoid the crimes they are about to commit through different ways. The opportunities which the offenders get due to lack of security and other factors are analyzed by the criminologists. By the process of Situational Crime Prevention the criminologists aim to lessen the opportunities which the offenders are getting to commit the crime. i.e. if a person who is rich and does not get protection from guards may have the chance to get robbed. And here the role of the Crime Prevention comes when they make the rich person have proper securi ty. The problem of crime was arising in the housing sector when the burglars were entering the houses and robbing the people of their possessions. This situation was closely analyzed by the criminologists and a solution was sorted out with the help of Situational Crime Prevention. This solution made the houses have a good architectural design which would make the offenders avoid entering the premises of the house. For e.g. if the house is well lit in the night and secured, the offenders would avoid taking the risk of entering it. Similarly other Situational Crime Prevention techniques make use of such tools and designs. The techniques included the better structuring of buildings and the possible targets being secured more properly. The possible targets were analyzed by their market demand. Situational Crime Prevention is based on some principles so as to the crime can be fully avoided. The set-up of a certain possible target is made such that the effort required to rob or commit a c rime on that target is made much higher. This discourages the offender from committing the crime. For e.g. to enter a certain building one may have to cross the walls but the walls of the building would be made so tall that no person would be able to enter it without support. Similarly the risk involved in committing a crime would be made such that the offender would not dare to commit it. For e.g. the security alarms would be so enhanced that any person who may enter the premises may be caught or the person may be shot dead at the very moment. In particular the security of a certain place or person would be increased. The rewards or the loot of the possible target would be made as lower as possible so it wouldn't attract the offenders. The governments are taking such measures that the stolen material is not easily sold in the market. And anyone caught selling it may be brought to justice by the court of law. Car stereos are being made removable so that it is not easy to steal these stereos. And lastly the feeling

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