Saturday, October 19, 2019

Developing Implementation Plan Obesity in Children Essay

Developing Implementation Plan Obesity in Children - Essay Example As the discussion stresses a formal approval is sought from fellow staff to seek their contributions to the study in one way or the order. Because both forms of involvements are done on a voluntary basis, it is always important that the researcher devises a strategic method in ensuring that the approvals are not declined. As part of the method of obtaining the necessary approval therefore, the researcher shall ensure that there is first a verbal consultation among all targeted persons, whereby a ‘water-testing’ strategy shall be undertaken to have an idea of those who will be willing to be involved in the study and those who are not. Thereafter, a consent form that clearly spells out all ethical considerations including the need to keep the identities of respondents confidential and anonymous shall be released to the targeted stakeholders. It is hoped that with the assurance of ensuring high sense and level of ethics, the organization’s leadership and fellow staff will be willing to be part of the study. Description of current problem The current issue has to do with the introduction of a new intervention that seeks to tackle the problem of obesity in children. This paper highlgihts that the need and rationale behind the present issue is rooted in the weaknesses identified in the current procedure. Presently, the fight against obesity in children is approached using the masses procedure. By this, all children suffering from obesity are categorized as one group of persons with a common problem and thus demanding a common intervention. However, for some years now that this strategy has been used, it has been found that the strategy has been very ineffective in yielding needed results. This is because according to state data and record, regardless of the existing procedure, obesity in children continues to go high. The proposed intervention would therefore take a form and structure that is directly opposite to what exists currently. This is bec ause it will identify children with obesity as individual persons rather than a group. With this, the researcher shall have the opportunity to critically scrutinizing the cause of each child’s risk of obesity. Thereafter, the researcher shall be offered the opportunity to assigning the most suitable solutions to each child’s case; noting that they all have different causes to their problems. A very crucial part of the proposed solution or issue is that is it backed with several theories and research findings.  

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