Sunday, October 6, 2019

Man as a Social Animal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Man as a Social Animal - Essay Example It is true that man is prone to accept the things at face value and based upon that, he often pronounces his judgment or impression of the person or things or his surroundings which may have considerable influence in his perception towards those things. Indeed, it is a human failing that governs their outlook in general and is one of the main reasons that fosters conflicts in interpersonal relationship and promotes unhappiness and frustration within him. But various works of literature are proof of the fact that the writers have the huge capacity to influence the readers and make the significant impact on their decision making prowess and ideological perspectives. Rodriguez, a Mexican-American writer of eminence, openly declares in his book ‘The Scholarship Boy’ that he was immensely impressed by the author Hoggart who has written ‘Uses of Literacy’. In the writings of Hoggart, he (Rodriguez) had not only found the solace to understand the wider perspectives of the multi-cultural society but it had also helped him to identify himself with the characters, thereby helping him to come to terms with the environment that was vastly different to that of his native culture. According to him, Hoggart, through the book, had literally become his guide during his years in the college where he had gone to study on his scholarship. His working-class ideals and cultural values had been jolted by a culture shock that he had faced at the college premises. His college represented a multi-cultural society where the so-called values had acquired unique meanings. Despite the differences in language, color, race, and culture, students were seen to struggle and then adapt to their new environment.  

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