Sunday, November 3, 2019

Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 18

Psychology - Essay Example This research used ANOVA to find out whether there is effectiveness in the way in which information is relayed or communicated. The experiment used a 3 x 3 factorial with three levels of message format (email, telephone, written) and three levels of message length, described as no extras, small, and large. From the experiment, it was demonstrated that in the email format, the participants had more correct answers, than the two – telephone and written formats. The written format was next to the email formal. We can analyze here that the email and the written format are almost identical format, although the written format can be considered as more formal in appearance, but is actually identical with the email format. For the three levels of the message length, the ‘no extra’ details got the highest number of correct answer and the highest mean. The email format is more preferred by the participants; meaning the intended information is well received by the participants through the manner of communication, which is email. The email format is easily understood, and this is understandable because it has become the most common form of communication among the young population during the advent and popularity of the internet. The message length also has an effect on how the information is received by the participants. The message length has an effect on all three formats – email, telephone, and written. At the ‘no extra’ level, the participants were responding with high scores. This is also true with the telephone and the written formats, although these two were a bit lower when it came to the values of the means. Scores were lower on all three formats when information was relayed and manipulated with ‘small’ and ‘large’ details. We computed the mean of the three formats to the level when information was manipulated to ‘small’ and ‘large’ and we attained intriguing

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