Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Analysis of The Bicycle and its Role in Society

Analysis of The Bicycle and its Role in Society Not only are Parents responsible for providing food and shelter for their Children, but they should also help them to develop their mental and physical condition. A Bicycle, a vehicle having two wheels one behind the other, influences a child's physical, intellectual and social development. It also can improve the quality of life. Riding a bicycle will provide children with health and other benefits. A bicycle can save them money in gas and also decrease the rate of pollution First of all, riding a bicycle requires movement of the entire body. It strengthens leg muscles. Moreover, it not only requires stability and balance, but it also develops coordination. It also requires stamina, and therefore keeps a child's heart and lungs strong. A moderate amount of physical activity, like a short cycle-commute, can protect against health problems like obesity, cancer, mature-onset diabetes, and osteoporosis.Next, owning a bike stimulates the intellectual development of a child; first, the ch ild becomes interested in sports, especially in cycling.English: child on a bicycle

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